Benefits of riddles for old people

Being old is associated with poor memory and recognition. One of the biggest fear of people as they get older is losing their mental sharpness, developing dementia, or other mental illnesses. It is obvious that brain will lose some of vibrancy as people get older but by giving brain a moderate workout on a frequent basis can help stagnate the onset of some of these issues. check out the benefits of riddles to old people

Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Studies shows solving riddles can slow down the effects of dementia or avoid it if done continuously, so with riddles old people can read word riddle from time to time to keep the mind sharp.

Exercise the brain

Alzheimer’s is a critical disease among old people. If you know someone who already displays early stage of the disease, it can help exercise his mental faculties by giving riddles. Riddles can enhance cognitive functions such as memory because they can help increasing the number of new neurons inside the brain.

Bonding with grandchildren

Riddles break the wall of age between them. Both together try to solve riddles and become friends and share their views. Grandparents tell about the experience of life and grandchildren tries to learn new thing. Riddles makes better bond between them

Makes them happy

Riddles Reduces the stress in old age because some old people can’t go anywhere just stays at home so riddle is good option for them they don’t find it boring and it makes them happy.

Updates them

Riddles updates old people because some riddle require general knowledge and current news and they read latest news to solve the riddles it becomes them updated

Improves memory

Memory can be rusty for old then riddles can actually help sharpening minds. Expert says that riddle can reinforce the ongoing connection between brain cells.

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